Gestapo sex

In Britain, they are exposed to a barrage of brainwashing on social media coming from the Islamic State. Escape From Isis, Channel 4, Wednesday, 10pm. A group of captured Yazidi and Christian women are chained together and marched to a sickening sex slave market where they are sold to become wives for Islamic State fighters Emily Dyer, a research fellow with the Henry Jackson Society, a respected Westminster think-tank, spends hours each day tracking social media messages sent to the West by jihadi brides. They also run brothels where kidnapped girls, like Sabiha and Sajida, are expected to satisfy fighters returning from battle. The tragedy is that Kafi and his family genuinely deserve help.

Gestapo sex

I was so disappointed. Two of the girls have since married jihadi fighters, although they refuse to say which of them is still single. We were there for days without food and only a little water. A girl tracked by Emily on Twitter said: One former Al-Khansa enforcer, a young Syrian woman called Umm Abaid, told the filmmakers how she had led a normal life until the arrival of IS and the imposition of Sharia law in Raqqa, once a cosmopolitan city where the sexes mixed freely. Advertisement Share or comment on this article: Under IS prohibitions, single women live in all-female safe houses called maqqars. If one is found breaking the code, all the passengers are forced to get off and the bus is refused permission to proceed. There is strong moral pressure on Muslim women to go and play their part in building an IS caliphate. The terrifying brigade even stops buses to check women passengers. When I met them, I gave them food and medicine for the girls, who had chills, while their father explained: We arrested her and took her to the Al-Khansa base. I lashed her with my own hands Whatever the reason for living in this hellish place, all women are prohibited from going outside or travelling without a male relative. In Britain, they are exposed to a barrage of brainwashing on social media coming from the Islamic State. The third group of women are the unfortunates kidnapped in enemy territory by IS fighters, taken to Raqqa, and imprisoned in a life of sex slavery. We cannot go out on the balcony or look through the window. Some of the Al-Khansa members operate undercover, posing as housewives, mingling in the crowds to listen for any dissent. As he pulls his coat around his shoulders on a chilly French day, he says: I joined the brigade and was responsible for enforcing the clothing regulations. One former Syrian schoolteacher trapped in the city told Channel 4 in a documentary, Escape From Isis, to be aired next week: I did not want to bring my daughters up in a caliphate run by them. I reasoned that I could always get money again but nothing would bring back my little daughters if the Islamic State got them. Today Kafi, who speaks good English and worked as an interpreter for an Italian oil company in Makhmur, while helping out on the family farm, says he will never return to Iraq. I lashed her with my own hands. What can possibly induce them to run away to join its ranks? You cannot overestimate the seductive attraction of IS to some of them.

Gestapo sex

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    And so the marriage merry-go-round goes on. There the other migrants, who rarely see young children, offered them a hut to live in.


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